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Day 167 – Art Show and Drama Performance

At their tutorial this year, Sera took art lessons and Amelie took a drama class. Tonight was the presentation of both the art show, and the drama performance. Yes, this definitely contributed to my end-of-the-year fatigue, but thankfully, the event was at the same location.

woodpecker_Fotor_CollageSera was so proud of her piece, and so were we! She chose to showcase, “Pileated Woodpecker,” which she did on paper with pastels.

IMG_8252 (1)_Fotor_CollageAmelie was SO much fun to watch! She was absolutely having a fantastic time on stage, and she remembered all of her lines. She also dances with Liza (to her left), and it was fun to watch them be creative together in another outlet.

Great job, sweet girls! It is so much fun to watch your gifts and talents unfold, and we are so proud of you.

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