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Day 166 – Field Trip to Cheekwood with Flat Stanley

For Christmas, we were given a family membership to Cheekwood Botanical Garden from Josh’s dad and step-mom. It was very kind, and we have been very thankful to be able to go to the gardens whenever we feel like it. Today felt like just the day to use our membership.

IMG_1635 IMG_1636IMG_1638 IMG_1641


IMG_1655 IMG_1656


We were also in charge of “Flat Stanley,” who had traveled all the way from California to go on some Nashville adventures. My best friend’s son Sören had sent his Flat Stanley to Sera, but we all had fun taking him around town today!



IMG_1671 IMG_1679

We took the “scenic” route home through downtown, and I had to hop out and get a few pictures with Flat Stanley. I’m not actually sure if I sent this picture to Sören: IMG_1689

But we did send these:

IMG_1691IMG_1694 IMG_1700IMG_1709 IMG_1715IMG_1718

It made us feel so special that Sören would choose us for Flat Stanley’s safekeeping…even if we did return him, um, a bit late (I am the worst at mailing anything).

It also made me feel connected to my best friend, who I have not seen in TWO years. We have been best friends since we were six years old, and she is more like my sister. We love the Lundeens, and daydream about showing them ALL around Nashville one day!

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