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Day 159 – Farmer Boy

I love getting into a good book with the girls and having something that we read daily together. Throughout this year, there have been seasons where we have read together a lot, and seasons where the girls mostly read to themselves or listened to audio books.

Something about the spring air makes us feel like getting outside, sitting on a blanket, and devouring a book.

A few years ago, we drove across the country to visit our family in California. I had gotten the Little House on the Prairie audio CDs from the library and plopped them in the CD player as soon as we left our driveway.

Little House on the Prairie got us all the way to Albuquerque with near silence from the girls. They were totally captivated! The girls liked the book so much, that Mimi (Josh’s mom) got them the whole series (the physical books) so that we could read them together.

They loved them all, but they never really got into Farmer Boy…that is, until now. For whatever reason, they have revisited their Little House affection, and asked to read through Farmer Boy together. So that’s exactly what we started doing today.



Even Kiwi joined in!

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