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Day 158 – Baking Cupcakes

Besides spending a lot of time outside together today….


The girls also surprised me by making cupcakes while I was on the phone (ha).

IMG_1458 IMG_1459 IMG_1460 IMG_1461

They measured and calculated, substituted and baked. They also (mostly) cleaned up after themselves. Sera has developed the phenomenal habit of putting away each item as she uses it (flour, baking soda, etc.). The only mess leftover was the flour on the mixer and the bowl that they used. They cleaned all that up later, but I was pretty impressed by the lack of evidence that two littles had been in the kitchen “creating” a cupcake recipe.


They actually modified a recipe from an allergy-free cookbook that Sera received for her birthday from Josh’s brother and sister-in-law. She LOVES the book! But she has no problem substituting or figuring something out if she needs to modify a recipe. She added marshmallows INSIDE of these cupcakes.


I’m not generally a big fan of cake-y desserts, but since this tasted pretty much EXACTLY like a very thick sugar cookie, I had to wrap them up and put them somewhere they wouldn’t tempt me.

It’s so fun to watch the girls grow up into a little ladies–to see them try things out and to experience the satisfaction of creating something delicious from just a few ingredients. It’s also great to watch the girls use their math skills in action as they have had to learn to divide or multiply recipes.

And, of course, it’s also fun to eat cupcakes. Happy mama over here!


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