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Day 156 – Tutorial Tuesday: End of the Year Fatigue

In case you were wondering if homeschoolers get “end of the year fatigue,” the answer is yes.

Please tell me that you have seen this Buzzfeed post about parents at the beginning of the school year versus parents at the end–or Jen Hatmaker’s article about being The Worst End of School Year Mom Ever. If not, you’re welcome.

I do not have lunches to pack five days a week (GLORY) or copious amounts of homework to help with. But, for whatever reason, the stars have aligned to convince the people of earth that, yes, May is the absolute VERY BEST time for the drama production, the art show, tutorial field day, gymnastics photos, the ballet cast party, and every other extracurricular event to take place. If these events could be scheduled during the same week, that is preferable.

In fact, the end of the year scheduling trifecta demands that two or more events be scheduled simultaneously, across town, and for different siblings. 

Personally, none of this is as stressful as it was when we were in regular school full time. Yeah, it’s inconvenient. But I’m not one folder-signature away from a panic attack anymore. And for this, I am grateful. It affirms that this choice is right for our family at this particular time.

Nevertheless, there is fatigue. The fact that I am now writing “Tutorial Tuesday” posts at 11:00 pm nearly every Tuesday night should be a pretty good indicator. I hope in the spirit of keeping this blog completely authentic, I can share with you that I am pretty much TOTALLY DONE with this school year.

We are so close. So close to having finished an entire school year here at home, and I want to finish strong. But I also want to sleep in until 9am (this morning) and watch stupid 90s movies (Beethoven) with my kids like it’s the middle of summer (yesterday).

And you know what? That’s okay. I have to remind myself that our homeschool journey–even just a single year– isn’t about Sera mastering division or Amelie completing 2nd grade spelling (uh, we haven’t even started), and then all of us going out to ice cream together.

It’s about the girls loving to learn. It’s about making time to care for each other and our community. It’s about us being together, as it always has been. And, we will cross our finish line together. Maybe limping. Maybe driving across town in a mad dash. But, we will make it.




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