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Day 155 – Music City News

For about 3 months, Sera has been working diligently on an article for the Music City News–a newspaper written by our local homeschoolers.

She has been drafting her article, making revisions, and meeting with editors, journalists, writers, and photographers who have come to speak to her newspaper club.

The students even secured all of the ads to pay for the paper themselves. I’m proud of Sera, but I’m also really proud of the entire group–they are such a talented and hard-working group of kiddos!

Today, the 2nd edition of the Music City News came out, and all of the kids got to celebrate at Pied Piper Creamery.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 4-1 photo 2

What fun to see her written work in print! She grabbed an entire stack of papers, so if you would like a copy, just let me know!

For now, you can read her article online.

Great job, Music City News!

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