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Day 153 – Peter and the Wolf

Today was Amelie’s spring ballet.

Although we generally try to avoid over scheduling our children, ballet does take up a good amount of time for Amelie. She dances 3 hours a week right now, and when there is a spring ballet, that increases to about 5 hours. Next year she will dance even more.

Rejoice April 2014 Peter & Wolf 1

But, she loves it, and even saying that feels like an understatement. Every day that she has practice she is counting down the minutes and relentlessly asking, “Is it time to go yet, mom??” At the end of every performance she cries.

Rejoice April 2014 Peter & Wolf 17

Even though I don’t share the same passion for dancing myself, I completely understand–that same force that drives her to dance drives me to write and to sing. I get it.

Rejoice April 2014 Peter & Wolf 173

And watching her up on stage is such a gift. I love to watch her do what she loves to do. It is incredible to see my own child be good at something–excel at something–that I don’t think I could ever do.

Rejoice April 2014 Peter & Wolf 114

This year, Amelie played the part of the Pond in the ballet, Peter and the Wolf.

It was funny and sweet, beautiful and professional. I’m so thankful for a ballet school that serves the community so well, and Rejoice does just that. These girls have been dancing together for years now!


Speaking of community, Amelie had a crew of little friends there to cheer her on:



Josh and I are so proud of our girl, and so honored to be her parents.


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