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Day 15 – Grandparents Are Coming To Town

Josh’s dad and step-mom came to town all the way from California and took us camping in an RV for 2 nights. We decided to make the trip semi educational and to learn as much as possible while we were also having fun. We drove from Nashville to Dover, TN to visit the Fort Donelson Battlefield before camping at The Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky.

The girls waiting and watching for the RV

The girls waiting and watching for the RV

For school today, the girls spent the morning finishing their September projects and they gave their presentations before a very proud audience:


It was so rewarding for all of us to see the result of their hard work. Amelie remembered many details about the members of the March family, and Sera took great care to explain the life and anatomy of the hummingbird. I look forward to seeing what they come up with for October!

Stay tuned for our adventures in the RV!


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  1. Daja says:

    I’ve been having my kids do a monthly research project, too. Last night they presented them at our Reformation Day party. I couldn’t help be proud that my 12 year old daughter chose to write about Feminism in the Middle Ages. :-)

    These focused projects are so great. They learn so much and find themselves branching into so many “subjects” just to prepare their presentation. Just in that one project my daughter got history, theology, social studies, penmanship, and public speaking. Plus, she practiced valuable research skills.

    Homeschooling!!!! It just keeps getting better!!!!

  2. Margo says:

    Great blog, Flo! I also love the picture with the grandparents watching Amelie and taking pictures. Yay for RV camping :-)

  3. I LOVE the idea of doing a focused project for each month! I may see what Maggie thinks of that – I know she loved working on her science fair project last year and would probably be thrilled to do one monthly. ;)

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