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Day 149 – Sick Day, Please?

Is there anything worse than packing for a trip? Oh. Right. UNPACKING from a trip…when you are sick…and have to homeschool your children and keep them alive with food and water and all that.


We left Duck, North Carolina at 8:30am on Saturday morning, and we rolled into our driveway at about 11pm that night. Josh drove the whole way. Meanwhile, I mostly slept against the window and tried not to feel like I was dying from what felt like the flu (it was actually an ear infection).

By this morning, my left ear was completely blocked, I felt clammy, dizzy, and I had a meeting at Lipscomb. I was invited to receive an award in my department, and the girls and Josh were invited too.

It was a special day, and I am grateful that my family got to come on campus with me. But I was feeling SO SICK, teetering around in heels and a skirt/suit and feeling like it was about 100 degrees outside.

On our way to lunch, we spotted these bunnies on campus, and of course, this delighted the girlies.

IMG_1340 Once we got home, I went immediately to bed and stayed there for the duration of the day. I couldn’t have cared less about what was happening on the other side of my dark, quiet, cool and cozy bedroom. But gratefully, Josh was instructing the girlies and they were busy reading for a lot of the time. IMG_1344 IMG_1346 I wish we could take vacations without the inevitable “catch up” game that sometimes takes longer than the actual vacation.

But, here we are, back to reality.

Hoping we can finish the year strong, when all I want to do is go back to the beach and sleep!

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