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Day 14 – Field Trip: Trade Days at Traveler’s Rest

Field trip, y’all!

Today we went on our first real “field trip” as homeschoolers. We headed out to the Trades Festival at the Historic Traveler’s Rest Plantation where there were Civil War themed stations and events. This tied in perfectly with studying the Civil War (which was inspired by reading Little Women).

Some of the stations included:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Quill pen practice
  • 19th century hunting
  • Candle dipping
  • Yarn dying
  • Basket weaving
  • Block print making
  • Hanky doll making
  • Clothes washing (on a washboard)

There was also a one room school house and an interactive “school session,” a tour of the historic home, and some yummy treats (candy apples and cider) for sale. It was a perfectly cool and misty fall day and we met some dear friends there and spent most of the day walking around the plantation grounds together. So lovely, and so great to have a break from facilitating for a day!

civil war days at traveler's rest

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