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Day 119 – Party Prep Part Two

Today, Amelie did a math lesson and played with legos while Sera prepped for her party. Amelie also helped with the party prep as well.

Sera finally finished her piñata, which was a beehive to go a long with her “Barbecue and Potluck/Picnic” theme. She got the idea and instructions from Country Living.


She also worked on the cupcakes…


Do these look like anything familiar? 


The final product at the birthday party:




Sera found the idea months ago on Pinterest and was determined to make these for her party. She baked cupcakes (herself, from scratch!), cut them in half and set them aside. Then she made a tray of brownies, and used a cookie cutter to make “meat patties.”

The only thing I did was color the fondant yellow, roll it out, and cut the squares for the cheese. She assembled everything and added the “ketchup” frosting.


The beehive looked so cute at the park!


It was a little painful to see it destroyed. However, the boys thought that was the best part:


I thought Sera did a fantastic job planning and preparing for her own birthday party. Ten feels like such a big year and she already seems so grown up. I think she was just as proud of herself as we were!



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