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Day 118 – Party Prep Part One

Sera’s birthday party is on Saturday. She is in charge of almost all aspects of the party: Guest list, invitations, food, theme, games, decorations, etc.

As my friends know, I *might* have set up a bit of an expectation with the girls as far as birthday parties go. I LOVE a good party. And I love themes. And I love to make stuff, and celebrate, and generally, go headfirst over the boat in the deep end of the ocean  a teeny tiny bit overboard. But it’s SO MUCH FUN.

Truth be told, I was a little sad to relinquish control of the party planning. Nevertheless, Sera is turning TEN, which is a huge milestone in itself, and the perfect age for her to take the reigns. It is especially nice because I am swamped with school and I literally could not have thrown her a birthday party without her help–and still have stayed sane.

Sera decided she wanted a “Barbecue and potluck” theme. I had to change that on the invitations to read “cook-out” rather than barbecue, because those words mean different things here than they do in our native California.

In the south, barbecue is a NOUN. As in, “Let’s go eat some delicious barbecue.”


In California, barbecue is usually a VERB. As in, “I’m going to barbecue this piece of tri-tip on this grill.”


Or hotdogs, or hamburgers, or corn on the cob, or anything else that you can put on a grill. This is NOT a southern definition of barbecue, which definitely involves sauce and shredded meat of some kind.

SO, Sera invited her friends to a “cook-out” where we would be serving hot dogs. She had a very, very special BBQ themed dessert treat in mind (you will have to check back tomorrow for the reveal!) and wanted to make them entirely herself. She got to work baking right away today:


She also continued to work on her paper mache piñata–a project she began last week. It turned out SO CUTE. Definitely check back tomorrow for pictures of the finished product, and to see what it is!

IMG_2522_Fotor_CollageEarlier this morning, Amelie had observed birds with Sera. Both girls took notes and documented the species and gender so that we can keep track of the health of our yard together as a family.

IMG_2463 IMG_2468 IMG_2509 IMG_2508

I love these cutie pies!


Later in the day, I ran some errands and left the girls home with Josh. When I came home, I saw this: Amelie had set up a reading tent in the front yard. It looked so sweet and peaceful. I wished I could take a reading rest!

IMG_2496 IMG_2475 IMG_2489 IMG_2483

Check back tomorrow to see the finished piñata and the fun dessert. I was so proud of all of Sera’s hard work!


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