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Day 117 – Another Lipscomb Visit

Today when I woke up, the girls were already at it making scrambled eggs. I love how independent they have become since the beginning of the year! Their cooking skills are improving as well as their confidence.


Amelie surprised me by making my bed after I got up. We then settled on a system where she makes my bed for 10 cents. I figure if I pay about $35 dollars a year to have my bed perpetually made, it will be totally worth it.


In the afternoon, I had another meeting with my professor in the Sustainability Institute at Lipscomb. This time, the girls asked her all about the skulls in her office and she gave them another little impromptu biology lesson:

IMG_0860 IMG_0859 IMG_0857

At one point during our visit, LisaRenee asked the girls if they thought a particular skull came from an animal that was nocturnal or not. Sera said it was nocturnal, because the eye sockets were so big–the eyes have to be bigger to let more light in during the night. I asked her where she learned that, and she said, “Uh, I just..I just figured it out.”

We were also able to talk to LisaRenee more in depth about the salamander we found yesterday at Cave Spring. She explained why she thought it wasn’t a Northern Dusky (its toes and feet were a different shape, and a Northern Dusky wouldn’t be in the water because it wouldn’t be able to breathe).

Taking classes at Lipscomb has really helped me as I homeschool the girls. So much of our daily science comes directly from online lectures that I’m able to play at home during the day.

Another great science day on the books!


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