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Day 116 – Tutorial Tuesday: Cave Spring

Today the girls went to their tutorial, but the weather was so nice after they got home, that we decided to spend a little family time over at Cave Spring in Shelby Park.

As you may recall, Cave Spring is where we spent our Valentines Day playing paparazzi to a sleeping bat. Cave Spring is also a historic geological site in Nashville.

Josh had never been there, so we really wanted to show him the cave and we also hoped to catch some little cave critters.


The girls explored the cave.


And we even found this salamander! At first we thought he may be a northern dusky, but I sent a pic to my biology professor and she thinks he might be a young spring salamander that hadn’t gotten his bright orange coloring yet.

IMG_0825This guide from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency shows many types of Tennessee salamanders, sirens, and newts.

After exploring the cave, we walked down to Sevier Lake. Across the lake is the entrance to the Shelby nature center and nature play area.
IMG_0827The girls each picked me a fairy-sized bouquet.


It was a beautiful day!


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