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Day 114 – Yard Day with Dad

Today was Saturday, but I wanted the girls to get some learning activities in so we could count it toward our final school year goal of 180 days.


They spent a lot of the time just playing in the tree–a favorite Saturday activity. Amelie was rather proud of herself for finally making it all the way up to the top:


But a good part of the day was spent on errands with Dad to Home Depot, fixing the garden and chicken fences, digging in the dirt, setting up hoop houses, and feeding chickens. They were happy little larks learning and soaking in the long-awaited sunshine.


The chickens were equally happy.


As I told one friend, chickens don’t wait for bikini ready bodies to get out there and bask. Today was the first real warm sun of the year, and those ladies were ready.


That is just a peak at one of our Saturdays. Sometimes I do formal lessons on Saturdays, and sometimes not. Either way, the girls are learning.

Many Saturdays the girls don’t even realize it’s the weekend. Without school markers to designate the days of the week we have to remind ourselves of which day it actually is. One particular Saturday, the girls woke up and told me what they had planned out for “homeschool” for the day in order to justify some afternoon screen time they were hoping for.

I didn’t bother telling them it was Saturday. I let them figure that out after lunch. See? The kids aren’t the only smart ones around here.

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