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Day 112 – The Homeschool Journal

In order to keep track of what we do, I journal every day in this beautiful journal my sister gave me for my birthday. It’s small enough to bring with me everywhere I go.


In an effort to keep this blog as honest and real as possible, I would like to show you how this practice has progressed–or, um, regressed I should say, through our school year.

Day 1:


Look at my wonderful journaling from the first day of school! Even the handwriting is (somewhat) nice. Please note that there are actual, full sentences.

Day 85:


So the writing is reduced to bullet points and sentence fragments, but the content is still there. I’ve kept a pretty good record of this day.

Day 112


And now it’s come to this. The entry for today? “Watched documentaries  (Dinosaur).”

I’m not sure what I love more, the messy corrections of the number of days, the scribbled out activity for today, or “Dinosaur”…in parenthesis…like that small detail makes up for the general lack of information (or activity) everywhere else.

Honestly folks, this is what it feels like these days. I’m taking 15 units of college classes this semester and trying to teach these little ladies the best I can. Some days are long and glorious and full of exploration and discovery. And some days I put on a Netflix dino doc and call it a day. Just a scribble in a notebook. Nothing special to remember.

Nevertheless, today was our day. Day 112. A day we had together, filled with a thousand other things that didn’t make it into the “homeschool journal.” Hugs, tears, mistakes, forgiveness, and meals at the table.

 I hope at the end of this year they will have learned a few new things. I hope to provide an adequate education for them. But when they walk out of our doors forever, I hope for more than that. When the girls are grown and gone, I might still have this journal–a record of 180 of our days. There is a good chance I will forget a lot of it. But they will surely carry the days with them. Both the spectacular and the mundane. These small things will knit together the fiber of their being, their integrity, their love, their compassion, and their ability to navigate the world and their own families one day.

Teaching a history lesson is easy. Loving little ones through the chaos of life is no small task. God help me, and God help us all.

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