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Day 110 – Rain for Roots Photoshoot

“You are so Nashville, if…”

-You have to arrange carpool for your kids so you can attend your band’s photoshoot.

-The snow day cancels school, the need for the carpool, and therefore, the children are present at the photoshoot.

-The kids pick up guitars and wind up being photographed for the album artwork.

-It is entirely fitting, because it is a KID’S BAND.

Besides lessons in the afternoon and a couple of playdates with friends who were home for the snow day, I spent most of my morning doing this:

Rain for Roots

The kiddos were upstairs playing with food coloring at this point (no joke), and we were obviously blissfully unaware. The lovely Alana Rasbach captured this joyful moment. Alana takes beautiful documentary style photographs. Last year, she photographed our family for an entire morning–start to finish–including getting out of bed and making breakfast! You can see those photos on her blog: part one and part two. Alana is amazing!!

Stay tuned for more pictures (including ones with the kiddos) on our Facebook Page as we get closer to our official release date for The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This.



CD Artwork by A. Micah Smith

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