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Day 107 – Art and Assessments

Today the girls did some miscellaneous art projects. Amelie worked with air dry clay:

IMG_2132 IMG_2133

And Sera worked on…ummm…I’m not sure, exactly, what she is doing here:

IMG_2114 IMG_2120 IMG_2124

I also had the girls take a really short math assessment. Not to “test” them arbitrarily, but rather, to find out which math worksheets or videos they should watch/work on should they choose to. Amelie scored 8% for 3rd grade math knowledge (a grade level above her own) and Sera scored 2% for 4th grade–which is the grade she would be in at school.

Sera had such a stressful time with math last year, that we decided we would “deschool” and she would focus on math next year. I was really pleased to see that with hardly any math work at all, she had not fallen behind last year’s math level. This post (and our assessment) was actually from several weeks ago, and in that time she has picked up baking as a hobby and is figuring out how to add or divide fractions when she needs to modify a recipe for size.

She is such a “context” learner (more so than Amelie, who is happy to do work sheets all day long). She is most motivated to do math when it is directly applicable to her life: figuring out percentages by calculating tax, or fractions by modifying a recipe.

Later on, Amelie was just sitting on the couch resting. I had a moment of such thankfulness that she was right there at home with us. We have had a stressful few weeks and I’ve had a hard time keeping up with schoolwork and homeschool. But this little moment was such a gift:


Meanwhile, Sera was teaching herself how to play songs on the piano I played when I was her age:




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