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Day 106 – Playdate with EE

Today our friend E came over to spend the day. We have been friends with him since we first moved to Nashville. Since he and Amelie were so little. This little, in fact:


This is them now, in the middle of a science experiment:


I had gotten a juice drink in a disposable cup from the local health food store that was *supposed* to break down immediately under hot water.


We waited…and waited…and waited all day. And it only crumpled up a little bit. Maybe we did it wrong, or maybe it does decompose faster than traditional plastic cups. We sort of gave up and called it a day.

We watched another documentary together about weather and why the earth’s tilt affects the seasons. This was part of my environmental science homework, but I just gathered all of the kiddos together, grabbed the big earth globe, and called it science for the day.

The girls did some independent projects later (Sera watched a documentary and Amelie worked on art later that night) but mostly they all played together.


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