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Day 105 – More Coffee Shop Schooling

When I first homeschooled Sera in Kindergarten, I couldn’t WAIT for us to leave the house. Amelie had mothers-day-out twice a week and Sera and I were always zipping around to libraries or coffee shops to do our studies.

Now that the girls are bigger, I find myself less and less anxious to leave the house. It’s such a unique stage of life. They are big enough to converse with, and hang out with, and we all enjoy each other’s company; I don’t feel the need to leave the house like I did when they were toddlers or preschoolers.

They also have more projects, more activities, and more academic interests now that they are older. They attend tutorial once a week. Even if we only left the house one other day a week that would only leave three at home. Leaving the house a lot during the week tends to feel disruptive, so I try to keep us at home to maintain the routine.

However, there are some days you just need a change of scenery. Today we went to one of our favorite coffee shops to read and to study.


We studied grammar from our Charlotte Mason grammar text, and we also read The Jungle Book. The girls also read quietly to themselves while I did a little bit of homework. Then we went out to run some errands together. It felt great knowing we had covered a bit of “school” before running our errands and coming home having done all of our work for the day.


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