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Day 101 – Stormy Weather

I may not write about it a lot, but homeschooling isn’t always a walk in the park. That may be obvious to most people, but the blog easily edits out much of the unpleasantness. Particularly if there was something amazing that happened that day to sort of balance out the ugly.

Today was sort of…well…just okay. Amelie woke up grumpy and refusing to clean her room. She spent most of the morning doing this:


And Sera spent most of the afternoon doing this:

IMG_0656 IMG_0653

If you can’t tell, she is mixing and crushing herbs in a bucket.

I personally needed a little bit of a reboot. So I drove myself to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping and to gear up for the homeschool day I would be “starting” when I got home…at approximately 4pm.

I figured if I needed a reboot, the girls might too. So rather than buckle down or yell or force, I strolled through the frozen section of Trader Joe’s and picked out some ice cream.

Once I got home I realized we had some gluten free cones stashed away in the pantry somewhere, and the girls had a rare treat!

IMG_0663 IMG_0665 IMG_0660

This did the trick, and lessons went quickly afterward. Sometimes we all need a reboot, or ice cream, or both, right?

That was the end of the drama for the day…until 10:00 pm when the sirens blasted and we had to clear Sera’s closet out for a tornado warning.


This was the first one of the year–we usually have a handful (less than a lot of other states, but more than California) and they seem to get easier with time. I wasn’t worried at all. Hence, my taking the photo and not being IN the closet watching “Too Cute” with the girls. Plus we have the MOST AMAZING weather guy/storm tracker EVER who is able to tweet up to the second, detailed information about storms and rotation. We’ve had a few crazy storms since we’ve moved here, but nothing very threatening.

The rest of the night I spent packing my bags.

Not because I had finally had it with homeschool or tornadoes, but because I was invited to stay with a friend for the weekend in Florida! More on that later…

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