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Day 172 – Dadschool, Strawberry Jam, Kale Chips, and a Train Ride

I was out of town for the weekend, so Josh took over the homeschooling duties. I have written before about how Josh “taking over” parenting duties doesn’t make him a super dad, it just makes him a dad. We are both parents. The duties are 100% equally both of ours. If I go out at night, or even for days at a time for work, it’s not any different than if Josh goes out, or if Josh goes to work. So while I was gone, Josh conducted regular lessons. And he and Amelie also made jam with the strawberries that he grew: photo IMG_8706 And kale chips with the kale that he grew: IMG_8717 IMG_8722 So basically, Josh is ready for his own mom blog now. Just kidding. See above. ;) Meanwhile, Sera was riding the excursion train out of Donelson with a friend. train Between the lessons, the cooking, and the train field trip, I’d say they had a pretty great unschool-y weekend. And I’d also say that dad is showing me up, just a wee bit. *If you are interested in making your own jam, it is an easy refrigerator jam recipe from the book, Put ‘Em Upthat I gave Josh for Christmas. Unknown The basic recipe is very easy:

  • 8 cups of berries
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice.


  1. Mix the berries and the sugar and let them soak overnight together in the fridge
  2. Boil the berries down with the lemon juice
  3. Refrigerate

Enjoy! I sure did:)

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