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About Us

Photo by Alana Rasbach

Photo by Alana Rasbach

Flo Paris Oakes is a Nashville based singer/songwriter, conservation advocate, freelance writer, and homeschooling mama.

Her family includes her husband of 12 years, two daughters, and five backyard chickens.

You can find her composing songs during February Album Writing Month, lullaby-ing little ones with her band Rain for Roots, or playing the occasional house show. Follow her music news at FloParis.net.

Flo is a frequent contributor to outside blogs and has written for Art House America, The Provision Room, and A Rocha USA.

Flo also blogs at Tales of a Music Mama.

Josh is the official family farmer and permaculture expert, breakfast maker, and photographer. He also works in web marketing and optimization.

Sera, age 9, is an avid birder, writer, naturalist, lover of all things Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and an aspiring drummer and hand-beller (beller?).

Amelie, age 7, is an animal lover, frequenter of the outdoors, storyteller, Taylor Swift fan, and an aspiring ballerina.

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