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About 180 Days

Why 180 Days?

The homeschool umbrella program under which I teach my children requires only one thing:

180 days of teaching time. 

No tests, no grades, no curriculum.

Many friends have asked me how this works.

“Is that like, you know, unschooling?”

“What about testing?”

“What about MATH?”

The reasons for this blog are threefold (I love saying threefold):


In an effort to not have to have the same conversation 57 times, and because some (3) of you have expressed interest in some sort of documentation of our process, I decided to start a very simple blog. On a daily basis I feel like I’m a little unsure at what I’m doing. I want you to know that if you really feel like homeschool is right for your family you can do this too–even if/when you feel unsure. I hope any success or failure on our part, no matter how big or small, will help in that process.


During our first week of homeschool, the kids and I ended each day with a journal. This will just be a digital version of that practice. I simply want to document our days to get an idea at the end of the year of what we did, to remember our time at home together, and to have something “official” to turn in to our umbrella school at the end of the year.


I have had amazing opportunities to write for other blogs and online magazines, and I think it’s time I work on a personal project. I’ve realized that a certain social media outlet (or two) has become the main outlet for my writing. In an effort to reduce my hours spent in those particular outlets, and to increase my writing to more than 140 characters, I am returning to the very ancient method of blogging.

Please read the About Us section, the Disclaimer, and then proceed to the Blog.

Thanks for reading,